Forian VIRIOT – L’homme qui regarde le Soleil

I am the only man in the world who is able to look at the sun in the face, every day and without limit, for several years, to recharge my batteries, without making me blind…

Don’t try, you might lose your sight.

Thanks to THE STRENGTH of my FAITH, I am also the only man in the world who can move small hanging objects, when I wish, simply by looking at them.

Many, many people have already seen my words. And if, to make myself heard, I have to take the time to show this to every person who wishes to see it for themselves, I do so.

What I am capable of seems to me to be more than enough for me to receive your full attention as to what I have to communicate to all, what is really happening on this Earth and how to deal with it.

Florian VIRIOT – The man who looks at the sun

Those who serve the devil and work to spread negative influences in mass are on average 5 million in the world… But Earth has 7.7 billion people. Knowing that a single billion is equal to 1,000 million, it seems to me that with “COLLECTIVE GOODWILL” as to what I communicate, it is quite possible to push back this minority that manages to influence “diabolically” the world, including through media and advertising, and gradually destroying life on Earth (BECAUSE YOU LET THEM DO…). It is not an extinction but clearly an extermination.

Be aware of reality and find THE STRENGTH to push them away

For your information, I was able to remove “inverted stars”, a symbol of the devil that is very widespread in society and deliberately integrated into the decorative visual of the storefront of the childhood home, set up by the town hall of the commune of Gujan-Mestras (33470 – FRANCE).

As a result of my personal request to the deputy mayor, who, it seems, quickly understood what I could tell him, I managed to make these symbols disappear, truly harmful to children as well as to any living being.

If they did, even though I am a private citizen, it confirms the fact that they know that this symbol is based on “evil”. There was no other reason other than that they would bother to withdraw it.

It would not have been good for the image of the mayor and his subordinates to start saying to each other that they are “evil”… Fortunately, they quickly implemented what I asked for.


Florian VIRIOT – The man who looks at the sun

Chemtrails, forced laying of the Linky (and vehicles of posers displaying a huge satanist symbol), deforestation, arrival of the 5G, violence against peoples, wars, famine, sexual slavery, extinction of species, gang stalking…

Start by taking the time to see for yourself the massive display of Satanist visuals and symbols – such as the inverted star (5-pointed upside-down star) – spread throughout this society on Earth. And do you work to have them removed, to erase them, as well as to inform in your turn your loved ones, your entourage, the population…

Discover here the visuals you need to stop maintaining and communicating

Push them away ! For the good of your children, your family, your friends, for the good of others, for the planet, for life… Thank you.

REACT: push back negative influences, the devil… That’s what you have to start with. That’s the basis!

I believe that petitions are no longer sufficient in this context and that it is many actions that are needed to deal with this global scourge and save life on Earth…

I fight for all tortured, killed, slaughtered animals. I fight against the destruction of nature, for the life and respect of others…

Florian VIRIOT – The man who looks at the sun

Psychic Magnetiser Healer – 3rd Eye: my interventions

  • Physical healing: all health problems
  • Psychological healing: burn-out, depression and psychic disorders
  • Remote care (from a photo)
  • Animal and Plant Energy Care
  • Location of high energy sites
  • Life coach: sport, diet, nature, good energy, teaching, practice and recommendations to modify your negative thinking pattern to heal, feel better, feel good and achieve your goals
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Social Phobia and Agoraphobia
  • Energy Care & Chakra Balancing
  • Feng-Shui, balancing and cleaning of the premises
  • Felt objects and places
  • 100% Natural care (essential oils, plants, etc.)
  • Disengagement of Entities (“Rights Under Control” Persons and Locations)
  • Interventions among individuals in case of demonstrations | «haunted» place interventions
  • Help for EHS (hypersensitive electro): acts against electrosmog/ electromagnetic waves (attention to 5G which is harmful for all life…)
  • Individual Energy Work & Capacity Development Courses
  • Individual Martial Art courses: Tai-Chi-Chuan and stick handling
  • Analysis of photos (confirms or does not confirm the presence of entities), x-rays (locates evils) and visuals (localization of hidden negative influences)

I have become the man who looks the sun in the face, for several minutes, every day, for several years, to rejuvenate and heal others, without it being able to burn my eyes, make me blind. (Don’t try. It’s your eyes, your view…)

And you can see for yourself…

Since childhood, and throughout my life, I have been able to experience so many strange things, to witness so many unexplained phenomena, just as I could feel very quickly beyond my 5 senses, that nothing surprises me as to my experience, my extraordinary daily life and my unique faculties.

My life course

From experience, my understanding has sharpened as to the faculties I have been able to develop. For some years now, I have been using them to treat myself on a daily basis but also to heal others.

The Man Who Looks at the Sun : A Fact You Can See For Yourself

It has now been many years since I received a gift from life, from the universe, from GOD: a gift of healing. I remember one evening, when I was sitting on the couch with my partner, when all of a sudden my forearms became all red with an important warm-up sensation… So I rushed to the kitchen to put them under the tap to calm that feeling and calm this “phenomenon”…

However, it took me a long time to fully understand and accept that I had received this gift, but above all to fully assume this gift, which enables me to heal those who need it.

Today, I receive any suffering person to treat her, regardless of the health problem, whether physical or mental. Also, I’m rebalancing it energetically. And I could see for myself that the results were almost systematically there, as the suffering people who met with me can attest.

The Man Who Looks at the Sun : The Third Eye

I am not only the man who looks into the sun… Indeed, I have the third eye open. And it’s been so long, but I couldn’t figure out what that feeling was sometimes— Today, I can feel this gentle sensation at the centre of my forehead very frequently and master it. I feel the energies of plants, flowers, stones, living beings, colors, symbols, as of every element that I approach, present in my environment.

Objects are also charged with frequencies, invisible influences, and can have a heavy impact on everyone’s life… And I know exactly how to move in the right direction and restore the energy balance for everyone’s well-being.

The elements causing a feeling of soft energy, very pleasant, when I place them in front of my third eye are silver (the matter), the magnet, the flowers, my left hand (which allows me to heal you), the flower of life, the crystal… Note that stones emit very different energies from one ore to another, some are very strong, heavy, and others particularly soft, such as pink quartz…

When a person approaches me, then I discharge bad energies into him, as around him, which is not always a pleasure for me and can take a lot of energy from me, like causing me some more or less acute pain. So it’s important that I contact myself after that. It’s a daily job.

Thus, as a Magnetizing Healer, I remove the “evil”, the evils, and put an end to any form of “manifestation” harmful to the well-being, good health, and life of each one. I heal any kind of injury, physical or psychic, and soothe any form of pain, suffering.

I remove evil energies, negative influences, harmful to life, and heal you by healing you, by rebalancing your chakras, by “recharging” you with the good energies present in me and around me, in the universe…
By constantly working my mind, by practicing to be positive at every moment, no matter what happens in my life, by having learned to let go so as to live fully the present moment, by communicating with the good elements surrounding me, by perpetually connecting myself to the universe, to the universal consciousness, to GOD, I was able to reach a level of elevation that I could never have imagined reaching from in the past. That is why I have become the only man who looks into the sun, without making me blind.

By combining my gift of healing, my feelings, my energetic working methods, with many very specific recommendations being adapted to each one, I lead anyone consulting me to the path of healing.

My goal: to heal you, to give you the strength to feel better, to help you, to motivate you in the right way, this by communicating to you my knowledge, my advice to apply daily, for your healing, your well-being, your good balance!

Finally, in order to reassure you about my good efficiency as well as my honesty about my experience and my abilities, you will see for yourself that I am indeed the man who looks the sun in the face, but not only!
I also usually perform a demonstration of suspended object motion, this by the sheer force of my mind (3rd eye). Every person I have received can attest to the veracity of my words, just as they can attest to the fact that they are much better!


As a Magnetizing Healer, I intervene wherever I can to heal you, repel the demon, help you face obstacles, health problems and other difficulties you may encounter in your life.

Finally, remember that in order to be able to help you, it is important that you put good will into it, that you decide to be better, to be well, to focus on the positive!

See you soon

Florian VIRIOT – The man who looks at the sun